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Arduino Burning Man Goggles

My eyes the goggles do nothing

Ever since Arduino came about and serially addressable RGB LED’s showed up I’ve loved messing around with them. Adafruit came out with these rings that you can string together conveniently to fit in a pair of welders or similar goggles. Pichurs


Burning Man is an awesome time to relax, think, and invent things. This year there was a steam punk camp and I decided to use some goggles we had and my NeoPixel rings (originally for a clock pendant idea) some pink duct tape and have at it!

See Plus Plus

I want every project to be a new challenge, so this time I decided to take all of the MVC patterns of the web development world and try them on some LED’s. So each pattern is a model that updates its data, and a view renders all of them to the led strip. The plus of this is it would be easy to render to different LED strips using different libraries under the hood. Grab the CODE