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The colors Duke, the colors!

I’m Basically Obsessed with Graphs

I’ve always enjoyed oggling charts and visualizations. With the maturing of Javascript, SVG, and Canvas in the browsers there are now some great libraries out there. Github just started using D3 for all of their graphs.

Perceived Color INTENSITY

Color schemes for graphs out of excel can be pretty bland, and there are ways to get aesthetically pleasing color sets with predefined palettes like Tango or COLOURlovers which is a huge repository of color schemes.

However these, or just using linear interpolation between two colors or a color and white don’t do your data justice.

The gist is, colorspace doesn’t match your eyeballs, and equidistance colors in HSL don’t have the same lightness intensity. As best explained in this post over at vis4.

The best color system for this was originally the Munsell color system but CIELAB is now much more widely used.

Show me the benefits of the science

You can jump right in to some color palettes (which are also GIS friendly) at Color Brewer

Shiny things

Here are some more graph libraries worth investigating:

And a bunch of random tools here

And this guy does beautiful things in flash

Also. What you really came looking for: